about us

We are James & Sandra Davis, and we have been breeding high-quality Ragdoll kittens since 2004. Our goal is to produce the Sweetest and Best Quality Ragdoll Kittens available. Our cattery breed according to the ragdoll breed standard and only breeds blue-eyed ragdoll kittens. We do not claim to be the best Ragdoll breeders in the world, in this life it’s all about making mistakes and learning.

As breeders, we equally facilitate the ingratiation of our kittens to their new owners. Looking for a well-trained and groomed Ragdoll Kitten? Look no further. We offer you blue-eyed male and female Ragdoll kittens of different colors!

We love animals of all kinds but our hearts belong to the Ragdoll. This breed remains sweet and playful well into its adult years.